Date : 2022-02-07

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Easy Steps to Apply Eyeshadows, For the Beginner

Eyeshadow should be fun more than it is intimidating. Though eye makeup, in general, can be daunting, once you’ve got it down, you’ll truly feel like you can accomplish anything. Creating looks is easier than ever with color-matching eyeshadow palettes, brushes, and more—and to make things even easier, we’ve tapped an expert to share tips on how to apply eye makeup like a pro. 

Over the years as a makeup artist, I’ve been asked for numerous tips by clients related to eyeshadow.   Everything from selecting the best eyeshadow colors to what sort of brushes to use, and a, of course, the most asked question was always precisely how does one apply it like Pro! Pyt beauty COUPON supplies you with amazing makeup tools at a 20% discount


  • Selection of Brush

To get you started, here are four brushes you can use to build your beginner eyeshadow application kit: 

1. A wide-domed fluffy brush for covering your entire lid with swatches of color. 

2. A smaller tapered blending brush for cutting your crease (aka where your eyelid meets your eye socket) plus an extra one (or two) to keep clean for blending. 

3. An angled blending brush, like for getting in and blending any hard-to-reach areas like the outer or inner corners of your eye. 

4. An stiffer-bristled angled eyeliner brush to define and emphasize your lash line.

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  • Apply the Primer

Using an eye primer or not depends on what you want your final look to be. “Primer aids in eyeshadow color opacity and staying power,” explains Young, who adds, “If you're going for a light wash of the color, it's not necessary.” In essence, eye primer helps your eyeshadow last longer by preventing it from sliding off your eyelids when faced with heat or moisture, the same way face primer works to keep your foundation in place. As a general rule, the more eye makeup you’re using, the greater the need to apply primer. 

Eyeshadow primer may also be necessary if you have oily lids. Some eye primers, Pyt Baby Got Base Eye Primer/ Sheer Nude, not only control oil but also have added ingredients (like pearl powder in this case) to brighten and intensify your eyeshadow. 


  • Build the Base

Time to add your color. Most eyeshadow looks can easily be created with four shades: a neutral shade for your lid, a medium shade for your crease, a dark shade for your outer corner, and a light shade to highlight your inner corner and brow bone. 

Not sure which eyeshadow to reach for? An eyeshadow palette like Pyt the Upcycle Eyeshadow Palette with Cool Nude Shade offers an array of neutrals that flatter every skin tone. If you have fair or light skin, try one of the pinkier shades,  Rowdy Rose Nude from the palette. Medium and darker skin tones look great in gold or beige shades, like Warm Lit Nude


  • Blending the Eyeshadow

Blending is one of the most important—and often overlooked—steps. Use a clean blending brush to diffuse the shades on your crease and outer V until they blend seamlessly into your lid. If you end up over-blending some of the medium or dark pigment, no worries. Just use the crease brush again to pat some more shadow in, then blend, blend, blend. 

Once your shadow is smoothed to perfection, you can go in and define your lash line. If you want, go in with a Pyt Wingman Liquid Liner first. You can either stop at the end of your eyelashes or build a winged liner look, whichever you prefer. Then, dip your angled eyeliner brush in the medium or dark eyeshadow (whichever matches your eyeliner color) and use it to set your eyeliner. 


  • Final Touch

Almost done—now it's time to use your lightest eyeshadow shade to make your eyes pop. “A highlight under the brow is nice to pop the brows from the eyeshadow,” says Young. “Some people even place a little highlighter in the inner corners to wake up a tired eye.” 

Whichever shade you decide to use, you'll want to apply it along your brow bone (just below the arch of your eyebrow) to give your face a wide-awake and lifted look. You can also fake a full night's rest by dotting it along with the inner corners of your eyes. Both of these techniques will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more alert. 

Then, make sure any harsh edges are blended out, and that's it—your eyeshadow is done! Finish the look with Swipe RIGHT HR 12 Mascara and a little something to define your eyebrow, and you're ready to go. 

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