Date : 2022-02-17


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Some Best Wines for Celebration!

A good bottle of wine can easily transport you back to your favorite place. A warm summer evening in Italy? That classic Chianti will carry you back to Mediterranian coastlines and fresh, flavorsome dishes. Or how about a deep, dark Syrah with an aroma of cozy British evenings, wrapped up warm and digging into a rich and tender dish with family.

It’s safe to say that no other drink has the potential to captivate an audience as laswine does. This means that no matter the number on the price tag, your favorite bottle of wine is a priceless investment. By using VIVINO DISCOUNT COUPONS to get the expensive bottle of wine at up to 10% off.

And where to start when searching for the best wines? Our best wine list covers everything you need to know, from the variety to the vineyard and the full-bodied to the light and crisp.Here, you’ll find good wines you’ll want to share with your friends, right through to the best bottle of wine you’ll keep tucked away at the back of the cupboard for only the most special of special occasions. You’ll also discover the best wine to invest in and the most delicious vintage to drink this year. Apply VIVINO COUPONS to purchase the wine with great taste and quality at up to 10% off.

Bodega Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard

Selecting our overall best wine was no easy task but this 2016 Malbec is sure to be a winner no matter who’s pouring it. It’s an incredibly nuanced and detailed wine, promising depth and character from every sip. One of the highest-rated wines, it’s a critic’s favorite and a rich, aromatic bottle to delight family and friends over dinner. Apply VIVINO COUPONS to purchase this wine at a discount of about 10%. 

Thought to be perhaps the best wine produced by Catena, it’s dense and fresh, full-bodied and layered, flavorful and elegant all at once. It’s a wine to please the masses but a bottle that you’d be forgiven for saving for yourself. Featuring aromas of roses and pine needles with hints of spice and tobacco, it’s a wine that just keeps on giving. Enjoy it for its bold and structured notes. 


Sine Qua Non

An extremely highly-rated wine, Sine Qua Non proved its expertise again with its 2006 Syrah. This is one of the most premium wines produced in California and comes with a price tag to match. Its popularity stems from its incredibly velvety tannins and dense, layered flavors. A Shot in the Dark is composed of 96.5% Syrah and 3.5% Viognier from the 11 Confessions Vineyard and is a rich and intense red wine with plenty of character. Use VIVINO DISCOUNT COUPONS to buy this expensive wine at a 10% off deal.


Grgich Hills Estate

Fresh and balanced, Grgich Hills produces distinctive wines and its 2016 Chardonnay is just that at an accessible price. A creamy and flavourful medium-bodied wine, it’s full and well-rounded with plenty of intense, fruity notes. It’s produced using biodynamically grown grapes and is beautifully structured with pear, apple, pineapple, peach, and honey flavors. Get this expensive wine at a low price by applying VIVINO DISCOUNT COUPONS.



Screaming Eagle is a name you’ll hear again and again when talking about high-quality wine and takes the top spot for producing premium quality Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s an incredibly full-bodied wine, boasting a dark red color with an entire bouquet of flavors. It’s produced on a limited basis, with the brand only selling between 400 and 600 cases of wine each year. But if you can get hold of a bottle, it’s worth holding onto. VIVINO COUPONS gives up to 10% off on such expensive and top-quality wine. Grab your chance to purchase such a costly wine by using VIVINO COUPONS.

This opulent wine is a vintage worth talking about, with a range of firm, deep and rich flavors like spring flowers, graphite, creme de cassis, kirsch, and liquorice.

Heitz Cellar

This wine spent three years aging in new French oak barrels, one in neutral oak and an additional year in bottle before being released on the market. With its strong flavors of sweet black fruit, fresh red plum, and a touch of warm vanilla, it’s a smooth and classic red wine that’s a true pleasure to taste. Expect a crispness of red fruit and orange peel combined with a ripeness that’s only deepened over time. Buy this flavorful wine at up to 10% off promo deal by using VIVINO PROMO CODE.

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