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q Apos Audio HiFiMAN HE400se Headphones

A HiFiMAN HE400se Headphone is up for grabs by using Apos Audio Coupons.

The HiFiMAN HE400se is a quad magnet headphone with a transparent rear. It's an extraordinarily advanced entry-level headphone that uses the same "stealthy trap" technology as the HiFiMAN Susvara. It comes with a one-of-a-kind silver copper cable that is exclusive to this version. 

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Aos Audio now has new major announcements available: PA3s Properly Balanced Class D Amplifier by TOPPING

The TOPPING PA3s Fully Integrated Class D Amplifier is now available from Apos Audio. The PA3s is a strong but basic amplifier that will satisfy your passive speaker demands, with 80W x2 @4 of power. Use Apos Audio Coupons to get this smooth model

Every inbound channel is powered by a distinct amplifying microchip as a controlled amplifier. It is extremely efficient since it is a Class D amplifier, which uses significantly less power than Class A amplifiers. If you would like a strong, Apply Apos Audio Coupons & Get affordable amplification solution for your bookshelf, desktop, or floor stand speakers, we believe this is the best choice.

·         Highlights of the product

·         THD+N ten percent, 80W x2 @4

·         65W x 2 @ 4 Hz, THD+N 1%

·         MA12070 MA12070 MA12070 MA12070 MA12070 MA12070 MA12070 MA12070 MA

·         THD+N RCA and TRS inputs fully balanced amplifier with 0.004 percent THD+N

·         The user interface is really simple.

·         TRS balanced and RCA single-ended inputs

·         The TOPPING D10 Balanced DAC is a wonderful match.

For any more information, visit the TOPPING PA3s product page, and if you have any hurdle on getting Apos Audio Coupons please click here to get Coupon Code, also message their team Of Dedicated professionals through live chat online or email at [email protected].

Once you buy from them, you can get Apos Promise, which includes Free Priority Shipping, an Additional two years Money back guarantee, a 45-Day Full Refund, and our 30-Day Lowest Cost Match, as with all orders.

27 September 2021 TOPPING DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth DAC/Amp is now available on Apos Audio as a new big launch.

The TOPPING DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth DAC/Amp is now available from Apos Audio by using Apos Audio Coupons.

TOPPING has able to exceed their bestselling original DX3 Pro while coming in at a lower price point with this DAC/Amp, which employs a new Qualcomm bluetooth chip. The DX3 Pro+ also works well with the PA3s Fully Integrated Amplifier.

The DX3 Pro+ functions as a DAC, a headphone amplifier, a headphone amplifier with line out, and a pre-amplifier. Its NFCA circuit can drive both sensitive IEMs and strength headphones at the same time. It may also be adjusted to fit most headphones thanks to two gain adjustments. It may be used to connect to both iOS and Android devices through cable or Bluetooth.

(Available online & in store, Go & Shop & Use Apos Audio Coupons!

TOPPING Bluetooth DAC/Amp DX3Pro+

For further information, visit the TOPPING DX3 Pro+ product page, and if you have any questions, please get in touch their customer Support Team by live chat or email at [email protected].

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