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Benefits of Replacing Car Batteries

The one thing your car just can’t do without is a good working battery. There's nothing worse than finding yourself behind the wheel, running late, and trying to crank the motor, only to discover your battery has bit the dust. For a driver, nothing compares to the benefits of replacing car batteries. Now apply ELECTRONICX COUPON CODE to replace your car batteries at a discount offer. However, many of us wait until it's too late, not realizing multiple factors come into play to decrease the life of your battery. Buy car batteries are available in high quality and low prices at ELECTRONICX COUPONS.

How Often Does My Car Battery Needs to be Replaced?

Depending on what shape your charging system is in, where you live, and what your driving habits are, a battery's normal average lifespan is about four years under ideal conditions.

If you live in warmer climates, you'll need to have your battery checked and potentially replaced earlier. However, if you live in a much colder climate, your battery could last as long as five years but should be checked at the three to the four-year mark.

In Texas, the average life of the car battery is anywhere from 30 months to 47 months, depending on where you live. In the southern region where summers are harsh, the average battery life is approximately 30 months, so you'll want to have your battery checked for replacement after about two years. Get replaced car batteries at an awesome discount by using ELECTRONICX COUPONS.

Factors That Impacts My Car’s Battery

Besides extreme regional temperatures, other factors can reduce the average life of a car battery. These include:

·         Numerous accessories plugged in such as GPS receiver, MP3 player, DVD player, satellite stereo system, laptop, game system and charging phone

·         Vibration from rough or damaged roads

·         Frequent brief car trips or not driving for a long period

How you use your car impacts the life of your battery. If you only use it for short trips, 20 minutes or less in duration, the battery may never reach full charge. This could result in damage to the battery and wear it out quicker. Not driving the car for extended periods continues to discharge the battery. These kinds of damage are sometimes difficult to identify on routine tests, so be sure to mention your driving habits when you take your vehicle to the repair shop to check the battery. Get batteries at low prices by using ELECTRONICX COUPONS. Hurry and add car batteries in your cart at up to 10% off by applying ELECTRONICX COUPONS.

Realizing the Battery Signs

Although a dead battery is the most conspicuous clue, there may be less obvious signs it’s time to replace your car battery. ELECTRONICX COUPONS CODE to purchase new car batteries at discounted prices. If you experience any of these warning signs, you should have your battery inspected and tested by your repair shop.


·         The age of the battery is older than three or four years

·         The car is not being driven for long periods

·         Car is only used for short trips

·         Buildup around the battery's terminals

·         Noticeable stains or corrosion on the battery, which can indicate you have a leak

·         Bad smells around the battery, such as an odor resembling rotten eggs

·         Taking longer than usual to start your engine

·         Check engine light sometimes indicates weak battery power

·         Fluid level looks low

·         Swollen battery case

Now, what are you waiting for? Definitely, it’s time to replace your car’s battery by applying ELECTRONICX COUPONS to get up to 10% off on car batteries. Moreover, ELECTRONICX COUPONS helps you to avail an amazing discount on car lamps, batteries, pressure sensors,etc.

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