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Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats in Kitchen!

Cooking and baking give us some of the best opportunities to share our most human qualities—hospitality and nourishment. But stand at the stovetop or kitchen counter long enough and it can take a toll on the feet, knees, and back. When you're spending a lot of time in the kitchen, some things can help, starting with the root of the problem: the feet.

Using the right mat to stand on can make a difference, particularly if you already have foot or knee pain. Anti-fatigue mats are different from standard rugs or carpets. They're designed not for simple softness, but with shock-absorbing properties. Their purpose is to provide support and alleviate aches and pain that emanate from standing on a hard surface for a prolonged period. GELPRO COUPONS provides a good mat according to your requirements at 10% off.Good mats are designed to stimulate the muscles in the feet and legs to increase blood flow and ease muscle fatigue. In ergonomic guidelines to retail grocery stores (that are recommended but not mandated), OSHA noted that good quality anti-fatigue mats reduce back and leg fatigue. Simply put, this means anyone can benefit from investing in one.

"Traditional rugs in the kitchen are not practical," says Elizabeth Granados, the founder of House of Noa, who created the NamaMat to fill the void of a practical anti-fatigue mat that is comfortable, easy to clean, and beautiful. "Our mats are made from super-soft, child-friendly foam that provides more support than a traditional rubber mat. Plus, you can just wipe clean!" Save your cash by applying GELPRO COUPONS and get good mats and rugs at low prices.

Prevent from Slipping

You should look specifically for mats with anti-fatigue properties. Thicker mats tend to perform best. "Consumers should consider the thickness and quality of foam," says Granados. "Our mats are 3/4-inch thick, made from phthalate-free polyurethane foam which provides that 'bounce-back' feeling when you're standing on one."

They work best on wood or tile floors where they can maintain a good, non-slip grip. A mat with beveled edges can help prevent tripping and a mat with an anti-slip backer on the bottom will minimize moving around in your kitchen she says. And they're not just for the kitchen! Anti-fatigue mats can be used anywhere you stand for extended periods—they're great in the laundry room, beneath your standing desk, or at your craft station. Use GELPRO COUPONS CODE to purchase mats for preventing slip accidents at amazingly low prices.


Better Hygiene Control

In addition to feeling safe at the kitchen, mats will also keep your kitchen cleaner and more hygienic as dirt and debris will fall through the holes and be collected underneath the mat rather than being trodden across the floor as people walk around. Purchase your favorite type of mats without putting the burden on your budget by using GELPRO COUPONS.

This is also the case if something is spilled, it will simply run through the holes in the mat and sit there until the mats are rolled up and everything is swept away from underneath them.



For years, those with carpets and were suffering from allergies were advised to remove all carpets from their homes. This is a thing of the past as recent studies and research recommends people to have carpets at their homes because they trap allergens and filter the air in the house. While it may seem counter-intuitive, area rugs have a positive effect on allergens in the home. To improve indoor air quality adding rugs and carpet is recommended. Area rugs are preferred to carpets because they are easy to clean and this is a better choice for asthma sufferers. Get comfortable and allergies free mats by applying GELPRO DISCOUNT COUPON.

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