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Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, usually using specifically designed mountain bikes as supplied by VELOWAVE at amazing discounts by applying the VELOWAVE Coupon. Mountain biking can generally be broken down into five distinct categories: cross country, trail riding, downhill, and freeride. People nowadays have amusing hobbies like mountain riding which is very good for a healthy life. But if specific types of equipment like electric mountains are not used can also cause some dangerous and life-threatening accidents. Despite the VELOWAVE offering, you high-quality mountain electric bike with a promo deal apply the VELOWAVE Coupon. Norco bikes state the spirit of mountain biking in these words: “What makes a grown man look at a 25-foot cliff drop and say “That’s do-able!” and then pull out the conjones to stomp the landing after four disastrous attempts? The very same spirit that drives a company to produce the bike that survives those and countless other adventures. Some call it passion.”

That’s right mountain riders are very adventurous and passionate people but the strong, powerful motor, foldability, easier pedaling, and versatile electric bikes drive the passion of mountain bikers. VELOWAVE is strongly preferred by customers for electric mountain bikes and to make it cost-efficient apply the VELOWAVE Coupon and enjoy your hilarious journey.

What are the features of electric bikes at making them being used in mountain biking? Then let’s have a look at these characteristics:


The path for the mountain riders is not smooth and clear but it’s the path of the highest level of difficulties and steep slopes. The dangerous up hills and downhills are overcome by high power generating motor of electric bike. These motors are very efficient in producing the power and value required for mountain biking. Apply VELOWAVE Coupon and get your customized motor of an electric bike at very low rates.


Mountain biking is a very strenuous exercise that demands speed and sometimes speed control. Mountain often gets tired and takes rest at very small intervals. They often go for refreshments, leaving their bicycles behind. But VELOWAVE ensures its customers of anti-theft property. These bikes offer numerous options when it comes to security as they come with a heavy price tag. Generally speaking, there are five kinds of locks system for electric bikes: U-LOCKS (steel strap inserted into counterpart to secure bike), CHAINS (provide optimum security available in different sizes), FRAME LOCKS (the curved bracket to hold the rear wheel from turning), CABLE LOCKS (efficient in protecting from theft), FOLDING LOCKS (fold using moveable joints). Even after all this security system, the electric bikes have GPS TRACKERS through which you can always track through your mobile phone.


Electric bikes are equipped with a battery-powered assist through pedaling. The high-powered motors give you a boost and allow you to ride the bike even in terrain and mountainous path without any effort. You are essentially controlling the speed with your feet; however, you can accelerate and decelerate it much quicker. An additional feature found in many electric bikes is that the petal is engaged with the motor. It’s usually placed on the handlebar, and you can twist to get power without pedaling. The structure of mountain bikes is specifically suitable for mountain biking. VELOWAVE Coupon gives an experience for mountain riders at a cheap cost.


Electric bikes are found in many varieties according to the path and task you are doing with the help of them. Electric bikes are available in commuter, cargo, mountain performance road, and hardtail styles. So there is an electric bike for everyone and with the VELOWAVE Coupon get a discount on your dream electric bike. Electric bikes have different weights, sizes, and heights according to different mountain tracks. Electric bikes are so much convenient that it allows you to receive calls wirelessly, lookup for the direction of a place, and bike’s LCD.


Only speed doesn’t matter in mountain biking because you need speed to go uphill but need speed control while moving downhill. In these circumstances, bikers lose their pace which causes serve accidents. The cause of these accidents lies in poor-quality electric bikes. Speed control is a great safety feature in electric bikes and what essentially differentiates them from motorcycles. The motor will stop propelling you, depending on the bike, if you hit between 20-28 mph. Now if you want to transact an electric bike for mountain biking, apply the VELOWAVE Coupon code for your safe and smooth ride.

Mountain biking is a great workout but proper measures are required for the safety of bikers e.g VELOWAVE electric bike. We should keep our passion and spirit for mountain biking raised because people always choose an easy thing to do whereas it is a sport of extreme exercise. Applying the VELOWAVE Coupon code and get surprising discount offers on all your purchases of electric bikes.

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